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Top Union is constantly seeking the best partners in all areas, and it would not be different in the elevators business. We have signed an exclusive agreement with ASCENSORES EXCELSIOR, a company from Spain, with over 90 years of experience in the lifting industry in the areas of designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and repairing all types of lifting equipment. In the last 20 years, the company have gained a great experience in the field of refurbishment, installing elevators in buildings which had originally been built without them. Our company is specialized in both passenger elevators and cargo lifts (dumbwaiters, lifts and car lifts) and counts with its own factory where elevators and components are produced. This allows us to customize every job as needed, particularly in older buildings.  86,000 square feet of factory space enables us to design and manufacture all our products while performing production tests in any of our five in-house test towers.

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Our technological expertise allows us to implement changes in our standard elevators to adapt them for special needs and particular places. New equipment is being developed with the same philosophy of elevators as domestic appliances, to offer accessibility to any place in the house, that was previously unthinkable.

Customer Care
To us the quality of our finished products is of the utmost importance, as much as its delivery to our customers, but we care even more, about the service we provide to our valued clients. Other designs and functionalities are also available.
The Airlift 1316 has been specially designed to meet the need to transport people in wheelchairs. The "Airlift 1316" can be installed on the existing floor space from 140 cm in diameter without machine room and can have up to 6 stops.

The lift Airlift 1316 is the perfect choice for homes and duplexes where people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems live.

The lift Airlift 1316, just like the Airlift 933, displays an elegant design and allows 360 ° panoramic visibility.
AIRLIFT 1316 - Vacuum Lift for 3 passenger - Wheelchair accessible
AIRLIFT 933 - Vacuum Lift for 2 passengers
The Airlift 933 is the first of the models of pneumatic vacuum elevators that complies 100% with the concept of household appliance for transporting people. It can be installed on existing floor space from 96 cm in diameter without machine room and in buildings up to six storeys high. The lift Airlift 933 is the perfect choice for homes and duplexes; it does not take up much space, and meets all the desired applications of any residential elevator.

The lift Airlift 933 combines functionality and a elegant design and allows 360 ° panoramic visibility. One of the great technological advantages of this elevator is that it is environmentally friendly, because it works with air, which greatly reduces consumer costs and maintenance of the elevator.