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Top Union is constantly seeking the best partners in all areas, and it would not be different in the elevators business. We have signed an exclusive agreement with ASCENSORES EXCELSIOR, a company from Spain, with over 90 years of experience in the lifting industry in the areas of designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and repairing all types of lifting equipment. In the last 20 years, the company have gained a great experience in the field of refurbishment, installing elevators in buildings which had originally been built without them. Our company is specialized in both passenger elevators and cargo lifts (dumbwaiters, lifts and car lifts) and counts with its own factory where elevators and components are produced. This allows us to customize every job as needed, particularly in older buildings.  86,000 square feet of factory space enables us to design and manufacture all our products while performing production tests in any of our five in-house test towers.

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We manufacture the best elevators with the highest comfort and design standards. As manufacturers, we can customize every job to meet our customers' needs.
- The automatic movable stops, to be inserted under the car and counterweight when a shaft door is opened to enter the pit or to access the car top, guarantee the safety spaces for the maintenance operator. Optionally, movable stops can be operated manually.

- Rescue operation for trapped passengers is carried out from outside the shaft, after opening the front panel of the service cabinet located in the door frame of the highest landing.

- An auxiliary electric operation can be carried out, whenever a safety contact has been released, which the same operation can disconnect.This way the car movement is operated at a reduced speed, upwards or downwards, up to the selected floor for the alighting of passengers.

- Machine maintenance operations are carried out insidethe shaft, standing on the car roof. The control and stability of the car position are guaranteed by a mechanical stop system on the guide rails.

- The use of the safety gear on counterweight is possible in the case of passable pit.
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